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The Animal Hospital of Howard offers a full service pet grooming salon for dogs and cats. Our groomers are pet care professionals with years of experience. We will bathe, brush, and clip your pet to its specific breed standard or create a style that will benefit both pet and owner.Dog and Cat in Bathtub

Our Professional Groomers offer:

  • Clip, Trim & Style
  • Breed Specific Cuts
  • Brush Out
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioning
  • Nail Trims
  • Ear Cleaning

Professional Consultation

When bringing your pet in for a professional grooming, you will first have a consultation with our groomer in order to decide which look will be best for your individual pet.

The duration of time between professional groomings can vary greatly between dogs of the same breed. Coat condition, hair type, density, and climate are just some of the variables. A lot depends on how much home grooming you are willing to offer to your pet.

Home Pet Grooming Tips

Brushing is essential to a healthy, glowing coat. It eliminates mats and tangles, removes dead hair, dirt and burrs and distributes natural oils, producing a healthy skin tone. A gentle slicker brush is needed for basic grooming. A good quality brush won’t harm your pet. Another essential piece of equipment is the comb. A solid metal comb with combination coarse and medium teeth will do nicely.

You must have a serious attitude while working on your pet. a firm "NO" should suffice when your pet tries to bite at the brush or comb, or tries to charm you with playful antics.

Our pet groomers are available to help you with any home grooming problems you may be experiencing. Please call at your convenience to set up a consultation.

A complete line of pet grooming products is available in our retail area.

Grooming Appointments

Grooming appointments and consultations can easily be set up to fit your busy schedule. Please call in advance if scheduling around the holidays. Prices vary depending on the breed of pet, hair coat, and type of grooming desired.

Give us a call at (920) 434-1010 to book your pet's grooming today. Our professional groomers will be happy to answer all your questions to ensure that your pet's grooming experience turns out just as you imagined.

Striving for communication between the client's and their pet's needs is very important to us and we want to help in anyway we can to make your pet's grooming experience a safe and comfortable one.